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Coyotes Stats

Update: Can the Coyotes afford to re-sign OEL?

An in depth look at whether or not the team will be able to afford their number one defenseman.

Scheduling and Travel: The Coyotes Enemy of the season

The Coyotes have played 20 games, 12 of them on the road. This could be an answer to one of the problems the team has.

Hockey 2.0: Go Fourth Line And Conquer

Brad Richardson is the perfect fourth-line center in today’s NHL. That fact alone is a symptom of how the game is changing. Hockey 2.0 explains how we started from the bottom, now we’re here.

The Era of Chayka: Examining the Roster Turnover

John Chayka was the youngest man to ever be named a GM, and in the year and a half since his hiring, he’s already overhauled the Arizona Coyotes.

Oliver Ekman Larsson - Better Than The Best

Oliver Ekman Larsson combines the skills of several recent Norris Trophy winners in one - but still nobody in the NHL media will admit he’s a Norris-winner in waiting.

Derek Stepan: His strength is his supporting cast

How can the Coyotes help out their new No. 1 center?

Ekman-Larsson and Hjalmarsson: A perfect fit?

The addition of Niklas Hjalmarsson to the Coyotes blueline will completely change how the defense pairings look, but is a top-pairing role the best place for him?

Doan’s draft idea is pure Gold

Lotteries suck! Especially if you’re an Arizona sports fan whose lottery luck never seems to pan out.

Player Grades 2017: Alex Burmistrov

Alex Burmistrov was a mid-season waiver pick up that fell into the Coyotes lap. How did he do after his change of scenery from Winnipeg?

Christian Dvorak and his case for the Calder

Christian Dvorak is doing good things on a bad team, which means he should at least be in consideration for the Calder.

Burmistrov is thriving with the Coyotes

Since arriving to the Coyotes on waivers, Alex Burmistrov is showing what he can bring to the table.

Mike Smith scores from the red line because of course he does

Mike Smith being Mike Smith.

Smith deserves to represent the Coyotes

Mike Smith is the Arizona Coyotes representative for the 2017 NHL All-Star Game. There is a good reason why.

Coyotes well represented at the World Juniors

If you’re the Coyotes, you’re thrilled with how the tournament played itself out.

How good are Arizona Coyotes players over their possible replacements?

Wins Above Replacement (WAR) is an increasingly popular metric for assessing baseball players. How do the Arizona Coyotes fare with a similar metric?

Coyotes youth seems to be the way of the season

With the Arizona Coyotes roster set, will opening night show that age is just a number?

Coyotes left-handed defensive depth remains strong

The Coyotes used to lack talent on the left side, now they have enough to get through to the next era of Coyotes hockey.

Coyotes improving with their right-handed D-depth

Today we look at the Arizona Coyotes' defensive depth on the right side. It's getting better.

Coyotes Goalie Depth No Longer An Issue

We take a look at the goalie depth going into the 2016-17 season.

Arizona Coyotes: The Curious Case of Cap Space

The Coyotes may have unknowingly used something that could start the next lockout. Not cap circumvention, but creative cap usage.

Stone's case for arbitration

Unlike most RFAs, Michael Stone actually has a fair amount of leverage in his latest contract negotiation.

Stone's injury shows lack of defensive depth

Oliver Ekman-Larsson can't do it all by himself. Losing Michael Stone makes the situation even worse.

The Coyotes Goalie Conundrum

The Coyotes have played four different goalies this season and have had six up with the team total, where did the goalies start to derail?

Can Doan get to 1,000?

The Arizona Coyotes captain may still be able to join a very exclusive club, depending on how long he continues to play in the NHL.

Arizona is playing as expected

All is not well for the Arizona Coyotes. But that's not terribly surprising.

Coyotes exit All-Star Break with many questions

With 33 games to go this season, the Arizona Coyotes are still searching for answers.

The Coyotes' First Half All-Stars

Rolling into the All-Star break, let's take a look at the Coyotes best players by position.

A goalie change won't fix the Coyotes

The Coyotes may try to change their goalie, but that will not be enough to solve their defensive woes.

Checking in on the Coyotes' prospects

If you're a fan of offense, you're excited about how the Coyotes' draft picks are doing.

Hanzal powering Coyotes to early success

Less than a year after being shut down for back surgery, Martin Hanzal has been a big part of what's driving the Arizona Coyotes' offense.

Three Questions with Copper and Blue

We ask SB Nation's Edmonton Oilers blog about their team.

Coyotes: old and inexperienced?

The Coyotes have a high average age on their team but lack the playing experience their age might suggest.