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SB Nation Reacts

Five For Howling's weekly SB Nation Reacts analysis

SB Nation Reacts: Upsets and seeding

We polled fans about upsets in the qualifying round and seeding of the conferences.

SB Nation Reacts: Coyotes fans don’t expect a cup run

Fans have spoken and few have confidence the Coyotes are cup contenders this season.

SB Reacts: Fan confidence in the commissioner

This week fans have expressed unprecedented confidence in the commissioner.

SB Nation Reacts: The return of the NHL

We polled fans about the NHL’s return to play, the post season, and the impact for next season.

SB Nation Reacts: Coyotes’ goal song advances to Conference Finals

Arizona’s goal song has advanced to the Conference Finals.

FanPulse: Coyotes’ goal song advances

The Coyotes’ goal song has advanced to the second round in the quest to find the best goal song.

Remember to vote in this week’s FanPulse vote

This week we take our first step in determining the best team goal song.

FanPulse: Fans predict regular season/playoff changes

Fans are split on the regular season, playoffs, and the 2020-21 season.

FanPulse: Fan confidence continues to slide

Fans faith in the direction of the Coyotes continued to slide before the season was suspended.

FanPulse: Coyotes fans’ confidence slipping

Coyotes fans are feeling a little less confident about the direction of the team.

FanPulse: Coyotes fans think team will be buyers

With the trade deadline approaching, fans expect the team will be buyers this season.

FanPulse: Coyotes finally get some respect

People didn’t have a lot of faith in the Arizona Coyotes the first time we did this, but things have changed since then.

FanPulse: Fans on hockey’s culture

We changed things up for this week’s FanPulse poll.

FanPulse: Kuemper and Tocchet get some awards love

We looked to the fans for some of the NHL’s major individual awards close to a third of the way through the season.

FanPulse: Looking at the fans least favorite Thanksgiving side

We polled fans what their least favorite side dishes are.

FanPulse: Fans (incorrectly) pick the most likely coach to get fired

While the Coyotes weren’t the subject of this week’s poll, there is a chance that it can still impact the Desert Dogs this season.