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Expansion Draft Coverage

On the NHL Draft, Free Agency, & Hearts And Minds Warfare

It's time for NHL GMs to place their bets and start playing draft/free agency poker. The Coyotes hold all the cards - especially if they use a little knowledge of NHL psychology to best play their hand.

3 Things Arizona Learned From the Expansion Draft

A Fortuitous Expansion Draft Leaves the Coyotes In a Position of Strength

Arizona Coyotes Lose Teemu Pulkkinen in Expansion Draft

We knew someone had to go, but the pick from the Coyotes is....

How To Watch: NHL Awards and Expansion Draft

It’s finally here, the Expansion Draft and the NHL Awards!

Analyzing the Coyotes’ Expansion Draft Protected List

A predictable list keeps the Coyotes in position of power heading into a busy offseason.

2017 NHL Expansion Draft rules: What you need to know

Now that the expansion draft is just two days away, let’s go over the rules again.

Coyotes Expansion Draft Protection List Released

It’s the day we’ve been waiting for, the Coyotes have released their protection list.

Vegas Golden Knights Mock Expansion Draft

Five of the FFH Staff take a stab at making their own roster for the Golden Knights.

The Expansion Draft: What The Coyotes Have To Offer

The Expansion Draft starts in three weeks. FFH got a chance to talk to a CapFriendly for an explanation on how it works and then took a look at the Coyotes options.

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Seven Signed Skaters?

In part three of the roundtable: how do we solve the seven signed skaters problem?

Which Goalie Do the Coyotes Protect?

In part two of our three part roundtable, we take a look at which goalie the Coyotes should protect.

Who do you think the Coyotes will expose in the Expansion Draft?

Time for everyone’s favorite posts: roundtables! This week we’re looking at the Expansion Draft.

The Coyotes Problem With The Expansion Draft

Now that the draft lottery is out of the way, it’s time to look towards the expansion draft.