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Best of the Pacific Division

TWIPD: The Kings slip on Oil

There's still a chance they get in, but the Kings really hurt their playoff chances on Tuesday

TWIPD: The Oilers making a late playoff run?

Not really, but Edmonton was the hottest team in the Pacific this week

TWIPD: The Sharks are drowning

Both the Kings and Sharks find themselves on the outside of the playoffs

TWIPD: The Coyotes and Oilers are tied for last!

Hey, the Coyotes have made their way to the bottom of the barrel

TWIPD: Everything goes how you would expect

No real surprises as far as records go this week in the Pacific

TWIPD: Kings keep winning inside and out

L.A has won seven-straight games as they continue their late-season run.

TWIPD: The Kings are streaking

Don't look now, but the Kings have won five-straight

TWIPD: The Pacific going up in Flames

Hey, Calgary is in second place now.

TWIPD: San Jose 'Left Sharks' it against Edmonton

The Sharks are closing in on the Ducks, but blew a point opportunity against the Oilers

TWIPD: The All-Star Game version

Pacific Division players scored the first two goals of the All-Star Game, and then stopped scoring after that

TWIPD: The All-stud version

We take a look at the best performers from each team in the Pacific, highlighted by Anaheim's Corey Perry

TWIPD: The Ducks continue to pull away

A lot of typical things happened in the Pacific Division this week

TWIPD: The year-end highlights edition!

Taking a look back at each team's best highlight from the 2014 portion of the season

TWIPD: Flames own goals and hat tricks

A short version of This Week in the Pacific Division, featuring the weird Flames

TWIPD: Oh Canada....

The three Canadian teams in the Pacific went winless over the past seven days.

TWIPD: Edmonton strikes it rich!

The Oilers won a game! And against a Western Conference team!

TWIPD: Let's talk about Johnny Gaudreau

Johnny Gaudreau making the transition from Boston College to Calgary so seamlessly has been very impressive.

TWIPD: Edmonton's dropping oil all over the place

The Ducks and 'Nucks continue to impress, while Edmonton is doing the opposite of that

TWIPD: Are the Flames actually really good?

It's been another week in the Pacific Division, and the Flames keep gaining ground on the first-place Ducks.

TWIPD: Ducks get sick, Assist hat tricks appear

The Anaheim Ducks need some new disinfectant, and a couple guys put up three assist games in the Pacific Division this week.

TWIPD: Two tiers of teams start to split apart

The Ducks, Sharks and Flames keep on rolling, while the Oilers and Coyotes continue to learn how to play hockey.

TWIPD: Line Brawls and undefeated Oilers

The Sharks and Ducks stole headlines this week with their debauchery, and the Oilers went undefeated!

TWIPD: Quick is hot, Edmonton is not

The Pacific Division had some of the best and worst goaltending performances of the week, and Edmonton finally got themselves in the win column!

TWIPD: Vrbata, Shutouts and empty-netters

The Sharks have two shutouts, and Henrik Sedin had possibly the greatest empty-net goal ever. Oh, and Radim Vrbata is still good.