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My name is Carl Pavlock, I'm a graduate of Arizona State University, my friend Jaron is one of the major reasons I'm interested in hockey, and somehow I am writing for Five For Howling. Still not sure how that last one happened but I'm enjoying it so far.

Coyotes select Miko Matikka with 67th pick

The Arizona Coyotes select another European forward.

Coyotes select Julian Lutz with 43rd overall pick

The Arizona Coyotes went with a forward for their second pick of the second round.

Coyotes select Artem Duda with 36th overall pick

The Arizona Coyotes selected another defenseman with their first pick of the day.

Coyotes at the Draft Day 2

Bill Armstrong may not have as many picks as he did yesterday morning, but he still has a lot to do today.

Coyotes trade up again and select Maveric Lamoureux with 29th overall

Bill Armstrong moved up again and the Coyotes drafted Maveric Lamoureux, a big defenseman.

Coyotes trade up to 11, select Conor Geekie

Bill Armstrong isn't afraid to take who he wants, and the team sent three picks to trade up to acquire center Conor Geekie.

Coyotes select Logan Cooley with 3rd overall pick.

The Arizona Coyotes had a chance to draft Shane Wright, but went with Logan Cooley.

Coyotes React Results

We asked, you answered.

Coyotes Draft Day 1

The 2022 NHL Entry Draft begins tonight.

Coyotes release 2022-23 schedule

You can start planning your trip to see the Arizona Coyotes in Tempe.