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Five For Howling Update: We are going independent!

Another brief update on the future of Five For Howling.

It feels fitting to start this update by wishing the State of Arizona a happy birthday. On this day 111 years ago, Arizona became a state and considering this is a blog primarily dedicated to Arizona hockey, that is something worth acknowledging.

It has been a few weeks since SB Nation let us know that they will no longer be supporting a majority of hockey blogs, and a lot has happened since then.

First and foremost, I have to thank everyone who said kind words about Five For Howling and the work that I personally have done on the site. It truly meant the world to me to read everything you had to say, and I can confidently say that I made this decision with all of you in mind.

I couldn’t provide much of an update last time because we did not have much firm information. However, I have more information now, although there are plans in place that I am not currently able to discuss.

After reviewing an offer negotiated by SB Nation to be absorbed by another platform, many of the other site managers and I decided that the best move for us was to bet on ourselves. And the best way for us to do that is to go out on our own.

We are still finalizing the details, but this is the current plan. SB Nation appears ready and willing to continue supporting the site until the end of March when they will transfer the domain name and IP to me. Some exciting long-term plans will hopefully come to fruition, but Five For Howling will continue to produce content in the short term.

What the future holds beyond March 31st is currently unknown, but I will do my best to ensure that the site survives as long as possible.

There will be more updates coming soon as we finalize plans. Until then, thank you so much for your support these past few weeks.

Go Yotes,

Carl Pavlock