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Coyotes announce Development Camp roster

Development camp begins tomorrow for Arizona Coyotes prospects.

2022 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Portraits Photo by Andre Ringuette/NHLI via Getty Images

The 2022 NHL Entry Draft is over, time to start preparing the prospects. Today, the Arizona Coyotes announced their roster for the 2022 Development Camp at ICE DEN Scottsdale.

The camp will take place starting tomorrow, July 11th going through Friday. Fans can watch the practices on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday and a Black & White scrimmage on Friday. Practices will also take place on Wednesday and Thursday but will be closed to the public.

Development Camps offer prospects of the coaching staff a chance to evaluate the young players while giving younger players access to an NHL front office for guidance on everything from skating to nutrition. The camp also allows undrafted players their first chance to impress the coaching staff and hopefully earn a professional contract.

Fans will get the chance to see plenty of players at various stages in their development. Nathan Smith and Jack McBain made their NHL debut last season, while the team drafted Dylan Guenther Guenther and Josh Doan last year, and Logan Cooley and Maveric Lamoureux just days ago.

Full Roster:

Forwards: Dylan Guenther, Nathan Smith, Logan Cooley, Jack McBain, Adam Žlnka, Conor Geekie, Julian Lutz, Reece Vitelli, Miko Matikka, Kaden Bohlsen, Ben McCartney, Bradley Marek, Valentin Nussbaumer, Sam Lipkin, Filip Barklund, Sean Chisholm, Manix Landry, Carson Bantle, Elliot Ekefjärd, Aku Räty, Anthony Romano, Ilya Fedotov, John Farinacci, Josh Doan, Liam Kirk, Reed Lebster, Ethan Whitcomb

Defensemen: Matthew Morden, Maveric Lamoureux, David Breazeale, Grigori Dronov, Chris Jandric, Justin Lee, Ty Emberson, Maksymilian Szuber, Lleyton Moore, Cal Thomas, Jérémy Langlois, Emil Martinsen Lilleberg, Axel Bergkvist

Goaltenders: Ben Kraws, Seth Eisele, Thibault Fatton, Austin Roden, Anson Thornton