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The 2022 NHL Draft Lottery is here

The moment that Arizona Coyotes fans have been waiting for all season has arrived.


The Arizona Coyotes’ season always felt like it was building to today. When the team first started sending players away, we knew the Coyotes were all in on their rebuild, which meant another trip to the lottery.

This season, Bill Armstrong’s Coyotes have succeeded if getting a high pick was the goal. A win streak at the end saw the Coyotes finish 31st in the NHL, ahead of only the Montréal Canadiens.

But the Coyotes were terrible this past year. Arizona had a historically bad start, struggled to score, and spent most games on their back foot. Injuries definitely played a part, especially towards the end, but the Coyotes also showed a lack of skill.

The Coyotes have a 13.5% chance of the first overall pick and the opportunity to draft top-rated prospect, Shane Wright. Wright looks to be a phenomenal NHL player and the perfect piece for a rebuilding Coyotes team.

That is just the best-case scenario, though. Arizona could draft as low as fourth overall, still a good pick in a deep draft but one that will likely be seen as a disappointment from a fanbase that has had to watch one of the worst teams in NHL history.

Updated Rules:

This year the draft will only be for the first two picks, and only the worst 11 teams can get 1st overall.


Draft coverage will begin at 3:30 pm Arizona time, 6:30 pm ET, and will air on ESPN, ESPN+, SN, SN NOW, TVAS.