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Coyotes prospect scrimmage recap

Prospect development camp ended last night with a intrasquad scrimmage.

NHL: JUN 27 Arizona Coyotes Development Camp Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Arizona Coyotes’ prospect development camp is over, and the 2021-22 season is approaching quickly. And in typical fashion, the Coyotes marked the end of the camp with an intrasquad scrimmage last night, as the Coyotes’ prospects faced off against each other.

Not every prospect participated in development camp, or scrimmage and fans missed out on seeing players like Barrett Hayton, Victor Söderström, or Jan Jeník. But there was plenty of action for fans who braved the Arizona heat to see the future of the Coyotes organization.

The scrimmage was not an official game, and there were a few changed rules. The scrimmage was divided into two 25 minute periods, and instead of power plays, players were given penalty shots. After the scrimmage, there was also a shoot-out to give players another chance to show off what they could do.

The game was a relatively low-scoring affair, with both goaltenders making some key saves. The White Team scored first, though, with Reece Vitelli scoring late in the first period.

But the Black Team was not going down without a fight. They were able to tie it up early in the second with a goal from Noah Laaouan and then take the lead with a Janis Jérôme Moser penalty shot.

The Coyotes drafted Moser in the second round of this year’s draft, and even before scoring, he had had a solid game.

That was the White Team’s cue to turn things around. And Liam Kirk started that comeback, tying the game on a penalty shot. Sam Lipkin buried his penalty shot not much later, giving the White Team the 3-2 win.

Both goaltenders remained solid in the shoot-out, but we did see a few more goals.

Ninth overall selection Dylan Guenther scored the first goal of the shoot-out, burying a truly ridiculous shot.

Two more goals were scored in the shoot-out, Ben McCartney of the White Team, Bennett MacArthur of the Black Team. The White Team won the game, and the Black Team won the shoot-out, showcasing the balance on both squads.

Stray Thoughts:

  • Janis Jérôme Moser looked good and seemed ready to play in the AHL this upcoming season. He showed good chemistry with his defensive pairings and didn’t look out of place.
  • The biggest surprise of the game may have been defenseman Vladislav Provolnev. Provolnev played with skill and physically and looked like one of the best players on the ice. He was one of the oldest players on the ice, and his willingness to come to camp should have impressed the coaching staff.
  • Both squads got stellar goaltending. The Coyotes lost three of their goaltenders during the offseason, which should open up plenty of space for prospects over the next few seasons. Currently, Ivan Prosvetov seems to be the Coyotes goalie of the future, but David Tendeck had a few big saves and may have earned himself some time playing backup in Tucson next season.
  • Unfortunately, Josh Doan did not skate in the scrimmage, but if you missed it, here is what he was doing during the development camp.
  • Jacob Frasca wore number 96, which as my sister pointed out is Howler's number. If Frasca does eventually make the Coyotes, he will likely need to get a new number as I doubt Howler will give up his.