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NHL announces that penalties on Conor Garland will no longer be called

Garland is on his own for the rest of the season.

San Jose Sharks v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Earlier today the NHL announced that penalties on Arizona Coyotes forward Conor Garland will no longer be called for the rest of the season. The announcement comes hours after the league announced that Nathan MacKinnon's use of a weapon against Garland in the form of throwing a helmet was only going to be a $5,000.00 fine.

Garland has suffered a lot of abuse this season, with hardly any of it being called. In addition to the MacKinnon helmet toss, Garland took an extremely late hit from Carson Soucy, a cross-check to the face from Austin Strand, a high-stick from a player on the bench, and a late cross-check to the back from Ian Cole.

When asked if this set a bad precedent or if they were concerned for the health and safety of the 25-year-old former fifth-round pick, the representative from the NHL just shrugged and walked away.

The Coyotes next play the Anaheim Ducks on Friday, and we can expect to see a variety of late/dirty hits leveled on Garland.

Happy April Fools Day.