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Coyotes schedule changes again, add 7th straight game against Blues

It's official, there will be a game seven.

St Louis Blues v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Norm Hall/NHLI via Getty Images

When the Arizona Coyotes last left Arizona, they were only supposed to play the St. Louis Blues twice on a six-game road trip.

But their games against the Minnesota Wild and Colorado Avalanche were delayed due to COVID-19. And since they were already in St. Louis, why not just stay there and adjust the schedule?

And the tweaks to the schedule continue with today's announcement that the Coyotes' next three games will be against the Blues.

Arizona was supposed to travel back to the Valley of the Sun and host the Blues on Saturday, February 13th. The schedulers appear to have taken a game from April and moved it to this upcoming Friday, giving the teams a back-to-back, and a true seven-game series.

Why they didn’t move the other April game and make it an eight-game series remains to be seen, but it’s probably because hockey fans are used to a seven-game series.

The Coyotes and Blues have already faced off against each other four-straight games, with Arizona winning the past three. And the games have been a lot of fun, with lots of back and forth, physicality, and scoring.

Yesterday’s game alone featured a last-second game-tying goal from Clayton Keller and a shootout win. It also featured a fight and a lot of pushing and shoving, which could be a sign that we are going to see the rest of the games get physical.