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Update: After being threatened with a lockout, the Coyotes have paid their taxes

The Coyotes have until December 20th to pay taxes.

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The Arizona Coyotes are back in the news for the wrong reasons again. Tonight, The Athletics’ Katie Strang reported that the team faces being locked out of their arena due to unpaid taxes.

The Coyotes organization has until December 20th to pay their outstanding bill or face being locked out of Gila River Arena.

PHNX’s Craig Morgan has confirmed the report and has provided updated quotes after speaking with Glendale City Manager Kevin Phelps.

Even if the Coyotes aren’t locked out, it is unfortunate that it has gotten this far. And the blame for this doesn’t lie with the City of Glendale for making this public, it lies with the team for letting it get this far.

The Arizona Coyotes have been saying the right things about keeping the franchise in Arizona. They seem serious about the Tempe arena, which seems like the saving grace for this franchise. But until then, they are stuck in Glendale, and no matter how frustrating the city can be, you have to pay your taxes!

Coyotes fans don’t have a lot going for them right now. The future is murky, the on-ice product is terrible, and there are constant relocation rumors, and it would be nice if the organization stopped adding to that uncertainty.


The Coyotes have reportedly paid their taxes.