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Coyotes deny relocation rumors

Another season, another round of baseless relocation rumors.

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NHL: APR 08 Wild at Coyotes

This morning Arizona Coyotes fans woke to another relocation rumor, with Forbes’ Eric Macramalla tweeting the following:

he actual tweet from Mike Ozanian is linked in the Forbes article, with Ozanian reporting that a “Banking guy” informed him that the Coyotes are up for sale with the idea of a buyer moving the team to a new arena in Houston.

The rumors are nothing new for Coyotes fans who have seen multiple relocation rumors over the years. However, Arizona’s move to the Central Division to make room for the Seattle Kraken has also helped solidify Houston as the potential relocation, unlike the last time the Ozanian reported the Coyotes relocation to Seattle eight years prior.

Both the Arizona Coyotes and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman have denied the rumors, with the Coyotes noting their commitment to staying in the Valley.

The Coyotes seem hard at work with their current arena proposal, recently responding to concerns from Sky Harbor Airport. The work being done with that, plus the potential revenue from sports gambling, which Arizona legalized during this past offseason, suggests that relocation doesn’t seem in the cards right now. That could certainly change as things move forward, but we will probably hear it from someone other than Mike Ozanian’s banking guy.