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Gila River Arena to be used as a polling place for 2020 Election

You will be able to vote and drop off your early ballot at Gila River Arena.

NHL: APR 08 Wild at Coyotes

Last month the NHL players went on strike for two days during the middle of the playoffs. One of the demands of the Hockey Diversity Alliance was the use of arenas as polling places for the upcoming 2020 General Election.

The Arizona Coyotes may not have been the first team to post a response, but when they did they made sure to include the use of Gila River Arena as a polling place.

Today the Coyotes made it official, Gila River Arena will serve as a polling station for the upcoming general election.

Gila River Arena will feature free parking and will be open from October 28th through November 3rd. The arena will be open as a drop off location for early voting ballots.

It is great that the Coyotes being involved with voting and paying attention to the Hockey Diversity Alliance.

If you want to make sure you are registered to vote you can visit BeBallotReady.Vote.