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Dates and times for Coyotes next round announced

The dates and times for the first round of the playoffs have been announced.

Colorado Avalanche v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Norm Hall/NHLI via Getty Images

It’s official, the Arizona Coyotes will start their series against the Colorado Avalanche this Wednesday, at 2:30 in the afternoon.

With the unique playoff format this year, the Coyotes aren’t going to have too much downtime between games. But they will have had four days of rest, and a chance to scout out their competition during Saturday’s game.

Like the previous round, the Coyotes games will be late morning, early afternoon. There will be at least one back-to-back game.

Unlike the previous play-in round, this will officially be the first round of the playoffs. It will be a best-of-seven series, with no shootout.

The Arizona Coyotes won their best-of-five series against the Nashville Predators in four games. The Colorado Avalanche won three of their four games in the Western Conference round-robin tournament for seeding. They beat the Minnesota Wild, St. Louis Blues, and Dallas Stars, falling only to the Vegas Golden Knights.

Updated with proper dates and times.