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SB Reacts: Fan confidence in the commissioner

This week fans have expressed unprecedented confidence in the commissioner.

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The Arizona Coyotes fanbase has a unique relationship with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. It is hard to think of a person who has done more to keep the Coyotes in Arizona than the commissioner. And for perhaps the first time general hockey fans are also in favor of Gary Bettman.

In the latest SB Nation Reacts survey, fans were asked if they were confident in NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. Despite being booed for doing just about anything, fans actually gave Bettman a literal vote of confidence. More than 50 percent of fans trust the commissioner.

Taking things even further, fans responded that they would rather have Bettman than any other commissioner among the four major leagues.

Fans were asked if Bettman was a better commissioner than his three counterparts – NBA commissioner Adam Silver, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. In each instance, NHL fans selected Bettman.

The NHL was the second league to pause their seasons due to Covid-19. The NHL’s actions since that pause seem to be largely positive, including the rumored selection of Toronto and Edmonton as hub cities, two areas that seem to have the virus under control. The NHL has also gifted us with the lottery system which gave us the gift of chaos that is the placeholder first-overall pick.

For the first time in a long time, it seems like the NHL is getting things right.

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