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Drafting a starting lineup of Marvel players

For Marvel week we attempted to draft the best starting lineup of superheros.

Boston Bruins v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

With the season still on pause, there isn’t much hockey to discuss. There are plenty of reports about the possibility of the season starting in December, and some interesting draft lottery plans but nothing is firm yet.

This week is Marvel week here at SB Nation and we are going to try to bring you some content based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What is that going to look like? I’m not sure yet, but to start I decided to draft my dream starting lineup from the Marvel movies

For this list, I did try to stick to more ground-based heroes. Captain Marvel and Spider-man have the speed and the power, but they appear to be more comfortable in the air than on ice. Also, with this being 2020 and not the 80s, the Hulk is not on the list both due to the diminished need for fighting and he is going to spend most of the season suspended.

Left Wing - Clint Barton - Hawkeye

We’re going to start things off with everyone’s favorite Green Arrow knockoff as a left wing. With this, the team has a proven sniper who can put the puck in the net. He’s not the toughest player on the team, he may even be the weakest, but with his speed and skill, he can distance himself from his opponents on the ice. In true hockey fashion he will be the best player on the ice, but the most boring person in interviews. He will at least try to be interesting making some random quips instead of only speaking in cliches.

Center - Groot

This dream team of superpowered players is going to need two things in their center. A big body to screen the goalie and someone who cand defend Hawkeye because he certainly isn’t going to do it himself. Groot is able to do both, although his leadership and speed do leave something to be desired. It should surprise nobody to learn that his stickhandling is excellent.

Right Wing - Steve Rogers - Captain America

Captain America is definitely going to wear the “C” for this team, and he is the only one who can herd the cats that are this team. He will be the one coming up with the plays on the ice, even if it is mostly to have Groot block the goalie while Hawkeye takes the shot. That’s not to say that he can’t score himself, and his ability to bounce the puck off his opponents leads to some of the dirtiest goals of the games.

Left Defenseman - Thor

If Thor was a hockey player he would have definitely spent his teen years playing in the SHL and learning to become an elite offensive-defenseman. Hitting the puck from the point on a power play isn’t exactly like swinging a hammer, or an axe, but the alien/Viking god will have one hell of a shot. Unfortunately, as Loki repeatedly teaches us, Thor isn’t the brightest and can be goaded into a fight.

Right Defenseman - Drax

To balance our offensive Lightning God, we are going to pair him with a grittier, stay-at-home defenseman. Drax will be laying the heavy hits and cleaning up the crease while Thor is focused on moving the puck up the ice. Drax isn’t going to show up much on the score sheet, although his inability to be anything but literal is going to make for some interesting interviews.

Goalie - James “Rhodey” Rhodes - War Machine

At first, this spot seemed like a shoo-in for Tony Stark. His superior puck-tracking technology in his mask makes him the best at seeing where he needs to be and position himself to make the save. But despite goalies being allowed to be a little crazy, Tony Stark is just a bit too much. So instead of the undisciplined Stark, who would fight Rogers in practice, we get the military discipline of a former-Marine. Rhodes is just as good at tracking the puck, is more physically fit, and makes far fewer selfish plays. But while Stark may have constantly left his crease, Rhodes is a bit too conservative in his play. But while he may not be starting many goalie fights, he isn’t afraid to step in if needed.

- - -

Who would you put on your starting lineup? If Tony Stark was a hockey player who would he be and would anyone be able to put up with him? Who would give the best post-game interviews?