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Jersey Week: The Coyotes add a new third jersey

For jersey week we are going to go through the history of Coyotes jerseys, and today we look a little deeper at the Coyotes forgotten third jersey.

New Jersey Devils v Phoenix Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

This week is jersey week on SBNation and to celebrate we are going to look at the jerseys of the Arizona Coyotes history.

After five seasons and a redesign, the Coyotes decided that they needed a new third jersey. Teams having a black third was in vogue at the time so the Coyotes followed trends a bit to get their second third jersey.

NHL Uniform Database

I am not able to be objective about the third jersey. My first Coyotes jersey was the third jersey I got for Christmas soon after I started writing for Five For Howling.

This third jersey is generally regarded as the Coyotes weakest jersey design, other than the green third jersey. While I wholeheartedly disagree, it is one of the more plain jersey designs.

The running Coyote is a design that you are either going to love or hate. It is not as unique as the kachina-logo and isn’t as traditional as the howling coyote head, but it always works for me. I wouldn’t want it to be the team’s main logo, but for a logo that the team wears a few times a season it works.

Design-wise, the jersey is unique. Inside of straight lines, there are curves, there is red on the sides and the cuffs. The color scheme seems to be a throwback to the original kachina-jersey, with black, red, and tan being prominent. Part of me wishes they would have utilized the more unique purple and green, but it works like a simplified version of that classic jersey.

The Coyotes really hit it out of the park with the shoulder patches. Using the howling coyote is a standard move, but it’s still welcome. Instead of the Arizona patch, they utilized a paw print patch. Its probably the most enduring aspect of this jersey, and was slightly altered for the Coyotes current red jersey. The modern patch is definitely better, but this original design gave them a lot to work with.

The Coyotes utilized this third jersey from 2008-14, including the good and bad times from yesterday. When the Coyotes changed from Phoenix to Arizona they left this jersey behind. At the time it must have felt like a welcome change from the overly red home jersey, but few people are going to complain that the kachina-jersey has replaced it. Maybe in a few years, nostalgia will turn to the late 2000s and early 2010s and this jersey will be re-discovered and get the same appreciation as the original kachina design.