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Jersey Week: Coyotes get another redesigned jersey

For jersey week we are going to go through the history of Coyotes jerseys, and today we look at jersey that made a few minor tweaks

Detroit Red Wings v Phoenix Coyotes - Game Four Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

This week is jersey week on SBNation and to celebrate we are going to look at the jerseys of the Arizona Coyotes history.

At only four years of use, the Coyotes first redesigned jersey has the shortest lifespan of any Coyotes jersey. And yet, when they decided to introduce a new jersey, they didn’t change much.

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The biggest change that stands out is the removal of the bottom stripes on both jerseys and moving it to the pants. I always go back and forth on which I prefer, I think it breaks up the red in a needed way but it also looks more streamlined.

While I go back and forth on the red jersey, the white is a clear improvement. The shoulders being red is such a small change but it makes a world of difference. The original redesigned jerseys never had the best color balance, but the fact that such a small tweak can make such a big difference shows how close they were to it being perfect.

The Coyotes would wear these jerseys during some of their biggest highlights. Advancing to the Western Conference Finals, Shane Doan’s first hat trick, and Mike Smith’s goal all came in these jerseys.

It wasn’t all good times though. During this uniform’s lifespan, the team declared bankruptcy and fans had to suffer through various city council meetings and ownership bids.

There would be one small, but significant change for the uniform. One of the conditions of the Coyotes’ new ownership was that the team was going to change their name to the “Arizona Coyotes”. With a new name came a new patch, replacing the “PHX” with “AZ” for the final year this jersey was used.

The team has come a long way from their original jersey. The team was given a chance to add some of the original purples or greens to the jersey, but they decided against it. For better or worse, the Coyotes seem set on a red, white, and later black color scheme for the foreseeable future.