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Jersey Week: The Coyotes first redesigned jersey

For jersey week we are going to go through the history of Coyotes jerseys, and today we get to see the first major re-design.

Coyotes v Kings

This week is jersey week on SBNation and to celebrate we are going to look at the jerseys of the Arizona Coyotes history.

By 2003 the 1990s were over. That’s an understatement, but a lot had changed before the 2003-04 season. The Coyotes had named Shane Doan their new captain, the team was set to play in the new Glendale Arena, and a new jersey was called for to mark the occasion.

NHL Uniform Database

The new jerseys are a major departure from what came before them. The original jerseys showed off their Southwest influence and as good as the new jerseys are they don’t have that same unique flair.

With a more traditional jersey comes a more traditional logo. The howling Coyote is still good, and it fits with the simplified color scheme. It has remained the Coyotes’ main logo since being introduced.

Instead of the unique southwest striping at the bottom and on the arms, the team elected to go with white and red stripes. The effect works well and breaks up the overly red home jerseys and adds some much-needed color to the white jerseys.

The Coyotes also introduced a new patch with the jersey. The letters “PHX” set against the state of Arizona patch using the Arizona flag looks great, and besides changing the letters it also has remained a staple of the main Coyotes jersey moving forward.

In general, I always have mixed feelings about the switch to the modern jersey. The original design is excellent, but I am not sure it would have been as appealing in the 2000s. It worked in its time and as a throwback, but it was time for something new.

I am sad to see the color scheme reduced. The original jersey also had black, green, and purple which is not present in this new design. The green was overdone in the first third jersey, but by removing it completely robs the jersey of something.

I described the original kachina-jersey as “so unique it forces you to have an opinion of it, either good or bad.” This redesign doesn’t get the same hatred as the original jersey because it doesn’t force the viewer to have an opinion. It is still a good design, and many elements have carried over to the present, but it is far from perfect.