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Jersey Week: The Coyotes’ first third jersey

For jersey week we are going to go through the history of Coyotes jerseys, including the first third jersey.

Teppo Numminen #27

This week is jersey week on SBNation and to celebrate we are going to look at the jerseys of the Arizona Coyotes history.

The Coyotes’ first jersey is looked back fondly by everyone. Fans love the unique design and it is at this point a classic. The Coyotes didn’t have as much luck when they introduced the first third-jersey for the 1998-99 season.

The first third jersey
NHL Uniforms Database

I can almost understand the mindset when it came to the Coyotes third jersey. Did people love the kachina-Coyote? Magnify the head and put that front and center. Do people like the desert-themed trim? Full desert landscape! In a few years is a hockey blogger is going to like that moon patch? Throw it on the front.

But it would prove to be a bit too much for most people. The green is extremely prominent in a way that was never used before or since. The subtle southwest style at the bottom has been replaced by a painfully obvious desert landscape complete with cacti.

Perhaps the only thing that the jersey gets right is the blown up kachina-Coyote logo. The original logo looks good, but just the head is closer to a regular hockey jersey. If they had gone with more subtle bottom and sleeves the jersey may have been looked at more fondly.

Unlike the original jersey design, their first third jersey hasn’t aged as well. While the original is charmingly unique, the third is just too 90’s if ever there was such a thing. As classic as the original black is, I would like to see the Coyotes use the original third jersey for 90s night one season.