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FanPulse: Coyotes’ goal song advances

The Coyotes’ goal song has advanced to the second round in the quest to find the best goal song.

Last week we started our ongoing challenge to find out which team has the best goal song through weekly FanPulse polls. It should not surprise you to learn that the Arizona Coyotes’ goal song “Howlin’ for You” has advanced to the next round.

The Coyotes have a tougher matchup this week, facing off against the Nashville Predators and Tim McGraw’s “I Like It, I Love It”.

If you are interested in the other matchups here they are:

There has been an increase in teams that have switched from a team goal song to individual goal songs. These were less successful in the first round, with only one advancing, the Washington Capitals beating the Tampa Bay Lightning’s “Goons”. Although if the Capitals beat “Let Me Clear My Throat” it will truly be a tragedy.

If you haven’t signed up for FanPulse yet now is a perfect time, you can sign up by clicking here. Hopefully, we will get the chance to vote for the Coyotes again next week.