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FanPulse: Coyotes fans’ confidence slipping

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Coyotes fans are feeling a little less confident about the direction of the team.

The past few weeks the FanPulse question has been about fans’ confidence in the Arizona Coyotes. Much like this season things have started strong, but have been slipping lately.

This past week 86% of fans responded that they are confident in the direction of the team. The Coyotes currently do not have a playoff spot, although they are extremely close to one. This year the team has shown an inability to generate consistent offense, and it is clear that the roster has major holes.

While confidence is starting to diminish, most people are still confident in the team. Although the team went from the top of the division to a playoff bubble team, which honestly is where most people predicted they would be to start the season, there are still plenty of reasons for confidence.

With new owner Alex Meruelo the team has for the first time shown a willingness to spend to the cap. The team also made a big splash in acquiring players Phil Kessel and Taylor Hall, and even if that hasn’t worked out the way that the fanbase would hope it is still an extremely positive sign.

Fans’ opinions of the past two games should be very telling for how you see the Coyotes this season. A pessimist can point to the fact the Coyotes had to claw their way back from letting their opponent score twice in a row and at times didn’t look like a team vying for a playoff spot. An optimist can point to the fact the Coyotes won those two games,and got stellar goaltending from both Darcy Kuemper and Antti Raanta.

This week’s FanPulse will look at the playoffs specifically. If you haven’t signed up you can do so here and share your opinions.