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Things missing from virtual Coyotes games

Virtual games are fun, but it doesn’t compare to getting to see a game in person.

NHL: APR 08 Wild at Coyotes

With the NHL season currently suspended, many teams including the Arizona Coyotes have done simulated games using the video game NHL 20. It’s a novel idea and gives provides something to watch for fans who are starved for any kind of sports. And with no apparent end for the suspension anytime soon, it is the next best thing to watching real games.

The Coyotes were supposed to have a five-game homestand recently, and as accurate as video games are getting there is still plenty that is missing from going to a game in person. Things like:

  • Paying $12.00 for a beer
  • Standing in line 10 minutes to use the bathroom
  • Pretending you already bought a 50/50 raffle ticket because you know you won’t win but you don’t want to seem like a jerk to someone collecting money for charity (that may just be me)
  • The annoying drunk guy screaming shoot and trying to heckle the opposing goaltender
  • Pregaming with friends and family at Westgate
  • Getting the chance to see new and interesting jerseys from leagues around the world
  • The annoying sober guy also screaming shoot and trying to heckle the opposing goaltender (very similar to the other but with less slurring)
  • Wetzel’s pretzels and the 20 minutes it takes to get them
  • This fanny pack!!
  • Waiting 20 minutes to leave the parking lot after the game
  • Getting the chance to stretch your legs by walking around between periods
  • Annoying out of town fans
  • The chance to win free stuff that is thrown/shot out of an air cannon at you
  • Being in an area with thousands of other fans sharing the same communal experience

What do you miss most about going to games at Gila River Arena or watching actual games on TV? Comment below with your favorite thing about hockey games.