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When did things go wrong for the Coyotes this season?

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At one point the Coyotes were on top of the division. But then things changed.

Florida Panthers v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Norm Hall/NHLI via Getty Images

At one point in the season, the Arizona Coyotes were on top of the Pacific Division. But things quickly changed, and when the season was suspended they were currently outside of the playoff picture.

After a solid October and November, things started to slide in December. After going 7-4-1 in October and 8-5-3 in November they slide to a record of 7-7-0 in December.

After a so-so December, things would get much worse. Arizona had an abysmal 4-5-2 record in January and only slightly rebounded in February with a 6-6-2 record.

January and February would feature a few key injuries for the Coyotes. Jason Demers was sidelined for a few games with a lower-body injury in December and Darcy Kuemper would go down with a lower-body injury after December 19th. January would see Antti Raanta limited to five games, and Brad Richardson limited to just seven.

A big factor in the Coyotes record is the goals-against per games played. It went from 2.08 in October and 2.31 in November to 2.86 in December. Kuemper’s injury is a big part of that, things weren’t much better in January when the Coyotes allowed an average of 3.36 goals per game.

Raanta would right the ship in February, and the Coyotes’ average goals allowed per game would drop back down to 2.36, but unfortunately, scoring took a nosedive. The Coyotes hadn’t been scoring much the entire season, but it took a huge drop in February when they averaged only 2.64 goals per game.

Unfortunately, there isn’t one cure for the Coyotes’ troubles. Everything clicked in the first two months, but after that, they were out of sync. They were either allowing too many goals or scoring too few.