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FanPulse: Fan confidence continues to slide

Fans faith in the direction of the Coyotes continued to slide before the season was suspended.

It should be noted that this FanPulse was asked the day before the season was officially suspended due to the coronavirus. At that time fans of the Arizona Coyotes have continued to express dissatisfaction with the direction of the team.

Before this question, the Coyotes had lost their last two games, both of them “must-wins” against the Calgary Flames and the Winnipeg Jets. Before that, the Coyotes had won another “must-win” game against the Vancouver Canucks.

The Coyotes two losses the Coyotes were again held to just two goals. Arizona’s struggles getting the third goal are well documented, and it has been a consistent issue this season.

It is impossible to know how things would have turned out if the season hadn’t been suspended. Arizona has struggled to generate consistent offense, but they have plenty of games where they have been dominant and they have strung together win streaks. If the season restarts and the Coyotes make it in the team is still going to need to find a way to be consistent next season.

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