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Five For Howling encourages you to vote today

It's election day and if you haven't voted already and live in Maricopa County you can vote at Gila River Arena.

NHL: APR 08 Wild at Coyotes

This past August, NHL players along with the Hockey Diversity Alliance went on strike for two days during the playoffs. One of the demands of the strike was that the empty arenas around the country be used as voting centers for today's US General Election.

The Arizona Coyotes responded to the player's decision with support and stated that they would begin working with the City of Glendale to have Gila River Arena serve as a polling site. On September 4th they made it official, Gila River Arena would be a polling site for the election.

Arizona has a great early voting/voting by mail system so if you're reading this you likely have already voted. If not, I can think of no better treat than getting a chance to return to Gila River Arena in November, a brief splash of normality in an otherwise chaotic year.

Any Maricopa County resident is able to vote at Gila River Arena and it will be available from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm.

As citizens of a representative democracy, voting is one of our biggest civic duties. As we learned during this recent pandemic, who is elected to lead, on the federal, state, and local levels, can have an impact on all aspects of your life, including sports.

If you are registered to vote in Arizona and haven't voted yet, we here at Five For Howling strongly encourage you to vote. If you've voted already, make sure your friends and family vote too. If you need any help or information about polling places it is available online, including details for Maricopa County voters at BeBallotReady.Vote.

If at any polling place you encounter any kind of intimidation efforts please call 1-877-THE-VOTE or you can file an incident report with the Secretary of State online.

If you are an international reader, sorry you have to keep hearing about the US election and make sure you vote when your election comes up.