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Coyotes' reverse retro jersey design details revealed

The Coyotes' reverse retro jersey will be purple and orange.

Anaheim Ducks v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Norm Hall/NHLI via Getty Images

In 2017, the NHL partnered with adidas making them the official outfitter for on-ice jerseys and other apparel. As part of that deal, we are getting a Reverse Retro series for the upcoming 2020-21 season, with each team getting a new jersey.

At a cynical level, this deal should provide the NHL with some extra revenue as we prepare to enter a season with limited to no fan attendance or the money that comes with it.

Adidas began by tweeting out a video of all 31 team jerseys, with no clear indication of which team would be getting which color design. But we have gotten more information about which jersey design the Coyotes will be going with.

With this being a simplified design, it is tough to know how much it is going to match the final product. The Coyotes have four logos they can choose from, the Kachina, the Kachina head, the howling Coyote head, and the running Coyote head. Or if adidas and the Coyotes want to go full retro they can give the jersey the original Winnipeg Jets logo.

While the Coyotes have utilized purple in their jersey designs, mostly in their moon alternate logo, but it has never been the jersey’s primary color. Likewise, orange is used on the Coyotes’ kachina jersey, but again as an accent rather than a primary color. The color mix matches up with some Phoenix Suns jerseys, so the team may be referencing their fellow Arizona sports franchise.

This is not the first Coyotes’ jersey news of the offseason. Arizona had already announced they will be wearing the Kachina jerseys for 25 home games during the upcoming regular season, and during the postseason they wore the Kachina jersey for all home games.