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Shane Doan reportedly had early talks about Arizona Coyotes return

The team legend currently works for the NHL and is well-respected around the league.

Winnipeg Jets v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Norm Hall/NHLI via Getty Images

Ever since retiring, Shane Doan has been linked with a return to the Arizona Coyotes in some capacity but now it seems like the two sides might be actively exploring the possibility.

The longest-serving captain and a player truly synonymous with the Coyotes, Doan has become a well-respected individual in the NHL since hanging up his skates.

He has worked with Team Canada as a consultant during their silver medal-winning World Championships, while also holding the role of assistant general manager during the Spengler Cup, both in 2019.

Doan is also a part of the NHL’s hockey operations department, having moved into the role back in 2017.

There have been rumors over the past couple of years that NHL commissioner Gary Bettman is keen to get Doan working directly with the Arizona Coyotes once again, with all kinds of behind-the-scenes issues dogging the franchise.

From ownership concerns, financial sustainability, and everything since June 2020, the idea of bringing the team’s first true legend back into the fold off the ice seems to be a logical one.

And now, per Elliotte Friedman and Craig Morgan, it appears as if the organization is having early talks with Doan about how a reunion could feasibly take place.

When the Coyotes were seeking a new general manager, some in the fanbase suggested Doan as a possible option, with his history with the organization and his recent experiences since retiring pointed to as possible reasons for it.

A role within the team’s hockey operations department seems to be the most logical for him, though what that would entail and look like exactly is still unknown, as it is a department he is already working with for the league.

The Coyotes need to start making moves that bring back some element of positivity to the desert. Doan is arguably the most well-liked player in the team’s history and having him working to get the franchise back on its feet and moving towards a better future, sounds like it could be an absolute win for the Coyotes.

Morgan was keen to outline that talks between the two sides are still very early and a specific role would need to be agreed by both of them before Doan would even consider returning, but it is still good to see that the possibility is being explored.