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Arizona Coyotes adopt future service dog

The Coyotes newest acquisition is the best one of the offseason.

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Last Friday, the Arizona Coyotes teased a new acquisition on Twitter.

Today we found out who that acquisition is, a future service dog named Luna.

Luna is a fitting name for the puppy as the Arizona Coyotes utilize a lot of moon imagery both on the throwback Kachina jerseys and in the arena.

Luna won’t just be hanging around the locker room looking cute though. In their press release, the Coyotes note that this is part of a partnership with National Assistance Dogs Inc. Per the website, Luna will be trained in “housing, vetting, basic obedience, socialization to all environments and individuals as well as proper service dog etiquette and public access manners.”

National Assistance Dogs Inc. is a company that assists in raising and training service dogs. Luna will be given to a veteran after her training is completed this season.

This won’t be the first time the Coyotes have had a service dog. Former Coyote Max Domi who had Type 1 diabetes utilized a service dog. Hopefully, Luna will also get a bobblehead this season.