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Coyotes to have two games on NBC next season

The NBC schedule was announced yesterday and the Arizona Coyotes will be featured twice on national television.

Arizona Coyotes v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by David Becker/NHLI via Getty Images

The Arizona Coyotes don’t get the chance to be seen on the national stage often. This is true of most teams in non-traditional markets, and when you consider those teams tend to have fewer fans it makes sense. But giving teams exposure helps both the teams and the sport grow.

Next season the Coyotes will have two opportunities to play on NBCSN. The Coyotes will play twice on consecutive Wednesdays in March. On March 18th they will host the Vegas Golden Knights at 7:00 pm and on March 25th they will be on the road against Vegas.

Marketing the meeting of the two desert teams makes a lot of sense. Geographically both teams are close, and showcasing them back to back could go a long way in building a rivalry.

The more high profile meetings between Arizona and Vegas the better. Arizona is set to move to the Central Division when Seattle enters the league. The league should be doing as much as they can to get the rivalry going now while they are still in the same division.

While two games isn’t much it is up from the one game they played on NBC last season, which is all teams like the Hurricanes and the Panthers are getting this year.