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2017 Coyotes draft class review: Michael Karow

With the 2019 NHL Entry Draft now complete we continue to look back at the 2017 draft class and see how their seasons played out.

Boston College v Massachusetts-Lowell Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images

The Arizona Coyotes have drafted a lot of defensemen over the past few years, especially in the later rounds. After acquiring the New York Islanders’ pick by way of the Philadelphia Flyers the Coyotes would draft defenseman Noel Hoefenmayer, who the Coyotes would ultimately not sign and allow to enter the draft again. The Coyotes’ next pick would be used on Michael Karow.

Team: Boston College

Regular Season Games Played: 39

Goals: 0

Assists: 2

Playoff Games Played: N/a

Playoff Goals: N/a

Playoff Assists: N/a

Like Cameron Crotty last week, Karow is another NCAA defenseman who doesn’t show up on the score sheet a lot. In his two seasons with the NCAA he has only eight assists and has yet to register a goal.

Karow has good size for that type of defenseman. He is 6’2” and listed as 201 pounds so he won’t need to do much work to add size to make the eventual transition to a pro game.

At the prospect development camp earlier this offseason Karow was present and played on Team White. Like the other NCAA prospects, he will not be appearing at the upcoming Rookie Camp.

It’s tough to not compare Crotty And Karow. Both players are larger defensive defensemen who play in the NCAA. Both players face tough internal competition players within the Coyotes’ organization, with the Coyotes having several other defensive prospects.

It is tough to see the Karow having a future with the Coyotes’ organization, although it’s not impossible. Defensemen take longer to develop and there is a place for this type of player. But Arizona has other players who would serve the same role as Karow who seem to be further along in their development.