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Coyotes donate to youth program that had their equipment stolen

A team’s equipment was stolen from Ice Den Chandler over the weekend. Luckily the Coyotes stepped up to help.

Hockey Players Workout During NHL Lockout Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Earlier today it was reported that the Arizona Bobcats, a Chandler-based youth hockey program, had a trailer full of equipment stolen yesterday from the parking lot of Ice Den Chandler.

It should go without saying that if you have any information about the theft you should contact the Chandler Police Department. The Chandler PD have a silent hotline at 480-782-4440 or you can go online if you want to provide information anonymously.

Luckily the Arizona Coyotes have stepped out and helped the young hockey players. They not only retweeted the story helping to spread it around but also donating financially.

Per the Coyotes’ release, forward Lawson Crouse was key in bringing this to the team’s attention.

This is an extremely unfortunate situation but it’s great to see the players and front office step up. Hockey can be an extremely expensive sport to play, and its great that the team won’t need to worry about buying replacements.

Being a fan of hockey in Arizona sometimes feels like the entire world is against it. And while it sucks that this happen it’s great that the Coyotes stepped up and helped a member of the Arizona hockey family.