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Coyotes announce 2019-20 season schedule

The Coyotes have announced their schedule for the 2019-20 season.

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Chicago Blackhawks v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It may not seem like it since it’s only June, but hockey season is fast approaching. A big sign that hockey will start before you know it happened came yesterday when the Arizona Coyotes announced their schedule for the 2019-20 season.

The Coyotes historically have had tough schedules and this year is no different. If you are interested in the issues regarding back-to-back games and travel time I definitely recommend Craig Morgan’s breakdown on The Athletic.

Six of the Coyotes’ games in October are against teams that didn’t make the playoffs including games against the Ottawa Senators and the New Jersey Devils, two of the worst teams last season. October will also feature the team going on a four game road trip against the teams of New York and New Jersey.

In November the Coyotes will play four sets of back-to-back games. Two of those are both away, and the other two are are away and then at home.

December will feature a four-game road trip, a three game homestand, and a three-game road trip. The road trips should be tough, but at least they have some time at home to break it up.

The final two games prior to the All Star Break will feature the Coyotes on the road against the Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oilers. Both teams missed the playoffs last season and will hopefully give the Coyotes a chance to build momentum going into the break.

Eight of the Coyotes fourteen games played in February are at home. Half of those games will be against teams that made the playoffs last season.

March will give the Coyotes a five-game homestand, with three games against teams that missed the playoffs. Hopefully it will give the team a chance to earn points needed for the final push for the playoffs.

For the second season in a row the Coyotes will end the season at home against the Winnipeg Jets.

Some notable dates:

Thursday, October 3rd 7:00 pm in Anaheim: First game of the season.

Saturday, October 5th 6:00 pm at home: Home opener.

Wednesday, October 30th 7:00 pm at home: Former Coyote Max Domi and the Montreal Canadiens’ lone game in Arizona.

Saturday, November 2nd 6:00 pm at home: Last season Colorado Avalanche beat the Coyotes for the last playoff spot by four points. Next season the Coyotes will go to the Central Division and this may be the start of a new rivalry.

Tuesday, November 12th, 6:00 pm in St. Louis: First game of the season against the defending Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues.

Monday, November 18th, 7:00 pm at home: #BeatLA

Thursday, December 12th, 7:00 pm at home: First game against Dylan Strome and the Chicago Blackhawks.

Saturday, January 18th, 1:00 pm in Edmonton: Final game before the All Star Break.

Saturday, February 8th, 1:00 pm in Boston: First game of a four game road trip.

Thursday, March 12th, 7:30 pm at home: Start of a five game homestand against the Vancouver Canucks, New York Rangers, Dallas Stars, Vegas Golden Knights, and the Detroit Red Wings.

Saturday, April 4th, 1:00 pm at home: Final game of the season against the Winnipeg Jets.