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Some brief housekeeping

A quick update on the state of Five For Howling.

Hello everyone,

I’ve been on Five For Howling for a while, as have a lot of people who read and post here. That being said I’m sure you’ve gotten used to seeing these posts, because I have too. As such we are going to keep this one a bit short.

For the past two weeks, I have been acting as the Interim Site Manager for Five For Howling, a role that I will be filling for the foreseeable future. When I took the position, it was with the understanding that if it isn’t a good fit then it’s something that I can easily step down from.

The biggest change coming for Five For Howling is going to be in content; we are going to be producing a lot more of it. My agreement stipulates that I write at least five posts a week, which is a pretty big increase in output for both myself and for the site lately.

You hopefully have already noticed an increase in content on Five For Howling. These include weekly series like the “2018 Coyotes draft class reviews” and some singular pieces like this week’s look at Darcy Kuemper.

Especially during the offseason, I’m going to be experimenting with some new ideas. If there is something you like or want to see more of, then make sure to let me know. If there is something that you don’t like or think I can be doing better, let me know that as well. Do know, however, that I need to generate posts, so don’t be surprised if I keep going with it.

The current schedule will be posts four days a week, with a double post on one of the days, or possibly on Saturday. This is always subject to change, especially as news becomes available. With the draft coming up next week, that will be a main focus for a while — so make sure to check back regularly.

Finally, I want to focus on some of the aspects that I can improve on. I’ve been doing this long enough to know my weaknesses, and I will be addressing them to make Five For Howling the best site it can be. I have recently been working with some writers, Rob Leano and Brandon Sparks, to assist me in editing. Mistakes will still get made, but hopefully they will be able to catch some of the things that I’m not able to. I’m also not very active on social media, but I do plan on increasing Five For Howling’s social media presence moving forward.

Finally, though I do take this seriously, I have an actual day job. This means that you likely aren’t going to see a lot of breaking news posts during weekday business hours. I do think of Five For Howling as a community, and I encourage everyone to come back and discuss anything related to the Coyotes or hockey in general.