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Ugly Sweater Series: Arizona Coyotes - The Jets 1.0 Era

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The Arizona Coyotes have a rich history that stretches back to their time as the Winnipeg Jets. And from that era we get one of the more boring designs.

Lukowich On The Ice Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images

In 1996, the team that would become the Arizona Coyotes relocated from Winnipeg to Phoenix. And while the Coyotes haven’t always had the best jerseys, the original blue Jets 1.0 jersey from the 1980s may be the weakest entry in the history of the franchise.

Winnipeg Jets 1979-1990
NHL Uniform Database

Most of my criticisms of the Jets 1.0 jersey are directed at the blue version. The white has a solid balance of colors and looks honestly great. I’m not a big fan of the blue stripe on the arms, but on the white jersey, it is easier to overlook.

But while the white jersey pulls off the design, it just doesn’t work on the blue. Normally, I would want the logo to be white to break up the blue, but it just doesn’t work this time. The logo on the white looks great, but it loses something when you swap the blue and white.

The logo itself isn’t terrible and is probably the best that you could hope for from a circle logo. It’s good, but there is a reason that these logos tend to be third-jerseys now if anything.

I’m not sure what is going on with the arms of the 80s Jets 1.0 arms. The vertical white line is an interesting look, but it doesn’t look great. Combine the white arms with the horizontal white at the bottom and the white logo and you have way too much white for a colored jersey.

It’s not fair to compare the two, but I can’t help to compare the Jets 1.0 to the New York Rangers. The blue is a bit darker, but in general, the Rangers seem to have a better balance between the red, white, and blue.

Before moving to the desert the Jets would switch jerseys and it works much better. It is way more balanced, and they don’t have the weird arm stripes. The logo on the blue jersey is also much better, although I’m not sure it works as well on the white.

What do you think? Do you think the arm stripes? Feel free to comment below. And come back later when we look at the worst jersey while the Coyotes have been in the desert.