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Looking at the fans least favorite Thanksgiving side

We polled fans what their least favorite side dishes are.

Fans keep getting their voices heard in SB Nation FanPulse surveys. And while last week we looked at something more serious, with the holiday this week the topic was a bit more fun.

There are a few surprises on this list. Personally, I have never had mac and cheese with Thanksgiving, not sure if that is a regional thing. Even if it is mac and cheese is awesome so it’s surprising that so many people wanted it banned.

For I think the first time this season my views seem to align with the voters. Despite loving green beans, green bean casserole is the worst way to prepare in my opinion. Also, sweet potatoes aren’t great, mashed potatoes are the far superior side. I am a bit surprised more people would ban stuffing over mashed potatoes.

What do you think? Will you be serving any of these sides today? Do you like green bean casserole?

Don’t worry this week’s survey is more hockey intense and something that Coyotes fans should take a look at.