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On the Coyotes’ offense and assistant coach John MacLean

With the Coyotes offense starting off slow the team may need to decide if they have the right system for their players.

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Arizona Coyotes Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. The Arizona Coyotes have started the season playing well, they have out shot their opponents 68-55, and they have dictated a lot of the pace of the game. But despite all of that they have been outscored 3-1 through two games.

Since Rick Tocchet took over as head coach of the Coyotes they have tended to start fairly weak. Last season they were shut out in three of their first four games, and the prior season they didn’t get a win until their twelfth game of the season.

Last season the St. Louis Blues were near the bottom of the standings in November when they fired head coach Mike Yeo. Under new head coach Craig Berube the Blues would go on to win their first Stanley Cup in franchise history. And while every fanbase is going to be comparing themselves to the Blues this season, if the Coyotes want to replicate the defending champs they are going to have to make a move early in the season.

Tocchet’s job likely isn’t on the line this season. He is a well respected coach and is the reason that Phil Kessel agreed to be traded to the Coyotes. But that doesn’t mean we won’t go a full season without a coaching change, it just may be someone else.

Assistant coach John MacLean has run the Coyotes forwards for the past two seasons. Under him the Coyotes finished 28th last season and 30th the year prior in goals scored. While the Coyotes took steps to improve the offense, it may require a more drastic change.

While it is still too early to be discuss a coaching change, it is likely on a lot of fans’ minds. It has only been two games, and the Coyotes are still working through their system. It also shouldn’t be underscored that the Coyotes have been playing well, and if they keep it up the goals are likely to come hopefully sooner rather than later. But since the Coyotes let go of Scott Allen many fans have wondered if the Arizona Coyotes made the wrong choice in which coach to keep around.

What do you think? How secure do you think John MacLean’s job is? Do you think this all is a bit of an overreaction from two losses?