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For the Arizona Coyotes, the situation could be a lot worse

The Coyotes can/should benefit from the discourse among valley sports teams

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New York Islanders v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With the recent happenings within the Phoenix Sports scene, the Arizona Coyotes seem to be in a rather unfamiliar space. Positivity and potential seem to be a part of this Arizona Coyotes team. While rumors and ideas of expansion are ever present, it could be a lot worse.

Look, I fully understand that the Arizona Coyotes have been the bottom bill in terms of valley sports for a while. The former Western Conference Finals participants are now a sneeze away from being shipped off to Quebec, Houston, and I could go on. However, over the last few years... it seems as if other teams are joining in the area of discourse.

The whole basis for this argument started when Robert Sarver and the Suns had to deal with reports that they threatened to move if their arena renovations were not passed. We would later find out that those reports were redacted and updated. Nonetheless, Sarver and the Suns have fallen into a pit of misery given the lack of a playoff appearance (since the 2009-2010 season), the on-court turmoil that has followed, and the arena renovations that haunt the valley.

Now lets fast forward to just about a few week ago when Phoenix resident Greta Rogers spoke her mind about the whole scenario.

In 2017, Greg Moore of AZCentral absolutely eviscerated Robert Sarver in an article that calls his organization “A Dumpster Fire.”

I could keep going but this is not the pile-on-the-Phoenix-Suns blog...

The Arizona Diamondbacks and the Arizona Cardinals are not in such great positions either.

The Diamondbacks have threatened to leave Maricopa County if they did not get their stadium renovations and can leave Chase Field as early as 2022. Let’s not forget that theirs is a rebuild happening as well that included trading away the face of your franchise. While they are having the most success, this last season was an incredible disappointment.

The Cardinals are not in a great place either. If you have been on Twitter during the NFL season... boy oh boy. With sweeping changes to come, the Cards are perhaps the franchise with the most off-field stability. The organization is coming off of the firing of first year head coach Steve Wilks and a large number of the media crushing the hire of Kliff Kingsbury. With the inevitable loss of Larry Fitzgerald, the face of the valley will be open for business.

The Arizona Coyotes are not completely out of this conversation in terms of discourse and instability...

Over the last few years, there has been rampant speculation about relocation and the franchises business ventures are hard to overlook. However, it seems as if the biggest issue can be solved given a zip code change (east valley anyone?). Personally, IF (and I mean the biggest if in human history) you can get a stadium that provides more accessibility and a more fan-driven environment, you can improve the business aspects, fan interaction, and many other variables. This goes with the fact that this team has hype, some potential. Clayton Keller has a chance to be a star in this league and given his recent All Star Nod, this team could have a young star for the first time in a while.

The whole point of this blog is to highlight something very important, it is time to stop signaling the Arizona Coyotes for their discourse when it is running throughout the valley. The Athletic AZ masterfully showed how this 2018-2019 season could be the worst in Arizona Sports history. Granted, other franchises have a precedent for success but that does not give them a pass. However, the situation with the Arizona Coyotes is the most intriguing and tiresome story in sports. Support your valley sports teams and hold every team to a standard that you expect given your passion.