Did the Arizona Coyotes set the 90s throwback trend for 2018-19?

The Arizona Coyotes may be on the edge of NHL jersey trends this season after six other NHL franchises have now announced their new Adidas third jerseys will be 90s-retro inspired since the 'Yotes unveiled the return of the black iconic Kachina jerseys on June 22, 2018.

Since then, the Anaheim Ducks;

Philadelphia Flyers (ok this one is a bit of a stretch to deem 90s but that's when they first introduced a black jersey);

Vancouver Canucks;

New Jersey Devils;

Edmonton Oilers;

And today, the Calgary Flames;

have all announced the reintroduction of 90s-retro jerseys.

Of course this was all probably pre-planned and collabrated between teams, the NHL and Adidas. But a Coyotes fan can dream (and quietly celebrate) that their beloved Arizona franchise was finally first at something.

It remains to be seen if all NHL teams will introduce a third jersey this season, but among the non-90s-esqe thirds announced thus far my favourite has to be the Colorado Avalanche's throwback to the Rockies:

What other 90s threads would you love to see return to the NHL? Besides a white Kachina jersey, near the top of my list would have to be either of the San Jose Sharks home & away jerseys from 1991-97, though a "potential leak" indicates San Jose is likely to be getting a new black jersey. Alternatively, I would cough up the cash for any of the Pittsburgh Penguins Jerseys from 1992-97.

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