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OEL has a blast with the past

While training with Team Sweden for the IIHF World Championships, Oliver Ekman-Larsson had a chance to see how things were in the “good” ol’ days.

Hockey: World Cup of Hockey-Team Russia vs Team Sweden Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Fans going through Coyotes withdrawal aren’t being helped by the IIHF Men’s World Championships being played in Denmark this year. Only two Coyotes players, Oliver Ekman-Larsson (OEL) and Darcy Kuemper are playing for their respective countries, Sweden and Canada. The timezone difference isn’t making it any easier when many of the games are being aired at 3 a.m. and 11 a.m. local time on the NHL Network. Replays are occasionally available but mostly centered around Team USA.

If there is one good Coyotes related thing that has come from the tournament it’s the video tweeted out earlier this morning, complete with English captions. OEL took some time off from his Team Sweden training to try out some ‘80s equipment and compare it to what he normally uses for a Swedish sports site

(Note: There is one F-bomb dropped in Swedish in the video that is translated with an asterisk at 00:31 seconds in, the rest of the video is safe for kids.)

Watching OEL trying to be the OEL we all know, while wearing equipment that should be in a museum, is pretty hilarious. Based on his reviews, it’s highly unlikely than Stan Wilson will be ordering any old school gear any time soon.

If you want to catch OEL, in modern day equipment, play with Team Sweden the NHL Network Schedule converted to Arizona time is below:

NHL Network Schedule for remaining IIHF World Championships

Date Visitor Home Time AZ Notes
Date Visitor Home Time AZ Notes
Tue, May 8 Slovakia Austria 7:00 AM
Tue, May 8 Switzerland Czech Republic 11:00 AM
Wed, May 9 Belarus Switzerland 7:00 AM
Wed, May 9 Denmark Finland 11:00 AM
Thu, May 10 Latvia USA 7:00 AM
Thu, May 10 Canada Norway 11:00 AM
Fri, May 11 Norway Denmark 7:00 AM
Fri, May 11 Korea USA 11:00 AM
Sat, May 12 Sweden Slovakia 3:00 AM
Sat,, May 12 Korea Denmark 7:00 AM
Sat, May 12 Finland Canada 11:00 AM
Sun, May 13 USA Norway 7:00 AM
Sun, May 13 Sweden Switzerland 11:00 AM
Mon, May 14 Slovakia Russia 7:00 AM
Mon, May 14 Latvia Canada 11:00 AM
Tues, May 15 USA Finland 3:00 AM
Tues., May 15 Germany Canada 7:00 AM
Tues., May 15 Sweden Russia 11:00 AM
Thu, May 17 TBD TBD 7:00 AM Quarterfinal
Thu, May 17 TBD TBD 7:00 AM Quarterfinal
Thu, May 17 TBD TBD 11:00 AM Quarterfinal
Thu, May 17 TBD TBD 11:00 AM Quarterfinal
Sat, May 19 TBD TBD 6:00 AM Semifinal
Sat., May 19 TBD TBD 10:00 AM Semifinal
Sun, May 20 TBD TBD 6:30 AM Bronze Medal Game
Sun, May 20 TBD TBD 11:00 AM Gold Medal Game