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Adin Hill tabbed to start against the Washington Capitals

Hill will get the nod against Ovi and the Caps

Arizona Coyotes v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Adin Hill will get another chance behind the net as the Arizona Coyotes will face the defending Stanley Cup Champs. The Washington Capitols will be looking to knock Hill after a great game against the Los Angeles Kings.

I was going to say something sarcastic about this but we here at FFH have not nailed down a sarcasm font quite yet. Joking aside, this was the right decision. Hill has played very well and with Antti Raanta and Darcy Kuemper nearing a return it made sense. Dave Vest touched upon those points here.

Hill has been a great surprise and shows how goal-tending depth has become a strength of the Coyotes. When you have three goaltenders that are slightly consistent, it allows the whole team to benefit. For myself, the biggest question comes when both Raanta and Kuemper return. The easiest answer would be to send Adin Hill back down. The caveat to this comes in the trust and faith you have in Hill. How much stock do you put into the stats he has put up, while impressive the small sample size should make fans wary.

Tomorrow wont be easy as the Capitals are above league average in a lot of different categories. Among the most interesting, being that their shot percentage is almost 3% higher than league average. Hill will face a tough test against a team that has proven that they will get theirs in terms of scoring.