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Coyotes vs. Hawks Q&A: with Sam Fels of

The Arizona Coyotes are facing the Chicago Blackhawks tonight, here is a friendly Q&A with the Blackhawks fans at

Arizonia Coyotes v Chicago Blackhawks Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The folks over at the Faxes from Uncle Dale blog asked us to participate in a friendly Q&A before tonight’s game between our respective teams, to see their questions and our answers click here. For our questions and Sam Fels’ answers (@FelsGate), see below:

1. If you could what would be the one trade you would undo?

Boy that’s a tough one. Selfishly, because I love him so, I’d take Teuvo Teravainen back. He was horribly mistreated here, but he should be centering the third line here or providing scoring depth from a wing anywhere in the lineup. But I can’t honestly say that would change the Hawks’ fortunes that much. Really the trade that caused a lot of problems is when they overplayed their hand on Patrick Sharp in 2015. They danced with trading him the year before when he had more value, and they should have. They needed real pieces back, but the next year they simply wouldn’t trade him for just draft picks when his value cratered. They had to include Stephen Johns just to get rid of him anywhere. Had they dealt him in ‘14, they could have got a young d-man back at least. But you could do this with a lot of their deals.

2. Is it hard to root against a team when so many players are either former Blackhawks or from Chicago?

Hatred has never been a problem for me to generate. And given the way Eddie Olczyk slobbers over any player from the area, it’s actually pretty easy to be annoyed by any player from here.

3. If the team misses the playoffs again would you rather they ditched GM Stan Bowman or Head Coach Joel Quenneville?

This is a tougher one, and both would have to claim responsibility if the season is another balls-up. I used to be a Fire-Q-Keep-Stan guy, because I think Stan is a good drafter and the European scouting has been great. But his pro scouting, leading to trades and free agent signings, have been just north of abhorrent. I think the players have tired of Q’s voice a little, which happens to everyone. But he’s trying new things and new systems and putting more trust in kids, because he has to. So maybe that freshens things up. If it does go south on the Hawks again, I think firing everyone might be the way to go. But I don’t trust Rocky Wirtz or John McDonough to get the right guy either.

4. How much would we have to give up for Alex DeBrincat? (Oliver Ekman-Larsson and Clayton Keller are off the table)

If OEL and Keller are off the table then you don’t have the horses, friendo. Top Cat has the potential to be a consistent 30-35 goal scorer, whatever his size, and those don’t grow on trees. Considering the Hawks’ system is bereft of forward talent now, I would have to say DeBrincat is as close to untouchable as it gets.