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There’s a new Sheriff in net, and this guy brings it all- explosiveness, experience and a tendency to not play every puck on his half of the ice.

New York Islanders v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The Coyotes are back for the 2017-18 season and featuring a roster and coaching staff completely renovated from the dark day of rebuilding. This is the HYPE TRAIN, a 7-day series focused on giving you 7 reasons to get F*****G JACKED for this season’s road hopefully leading back to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Every season is guided by storylines, and those stories start in the offseason. It’s a special time of year, because it gives free reign to make horrible decisions and pressures them to be proactive for face the hot seat if their team eats it down the stretch of the season.

John Chayka made some moves, as you may have probably heard, and got himself a new goaltender on a contract that isn’t shit. He got himself a younger-ish goaltender by the name of Antti Raanta. Let me introduce you with this hype song and highlight reel (mute the highlight video and play the HYPE music behind it).

Now, that hype music is an oldy but a goody, just like those Raanta highlights.

Raanta got his start in his home country of Finland, got drafted by Chicago and backed them up en-route to their 3rd Stanley Cup in recent memory. He came into the league winning.

He moved on from that success to New York where he scored perfect playoff attendance with his sophomore team, backing them through two seasons and taking over for Henrik Lundqvist during his cold snap last season. That substitution kept the Rags afloat.

Now Raanta is an upperclassmen, kinda like me. We’ve been around the block, done some things and sent our resumes out a few times.

He’s been traded to Arizona, I’ve traded my economic security away for a couple college degrees.

But here’s why you should be excited for the new Sheriff in town. He’s smart, he’s responsible and he has been consistently improving, particularly in his quality start percentage since entering the league.

In fact, his stats are far off from his New York predecessor in Cam Talbot, who had a somewhat breakout season in Edmonton last year. Now these two tendies aren’t the same, but they’re both damn good.

How is Raanta good? He’s got amazing lateral movement, and he doesn’t serve a sole purpose in life to play the puck.


He does these things.

He’s squared up. He’s athletic. He’s dynamic. He doesn’t flop around on the ice like a dying fish for every save. Antti Rantta is the goaltender we have needed, but maybe not the one we deserve. He is our Dark Knight and you should be all kinds of EXCITED FOR IT.