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The rebuild is almost over, and its finally appropriate again to get hyped up for hockey in the Valley. Let’s get jacked!

NHL: Minnesota Wild at Arizona Coyotes Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Coyotes are back for the 2017-18 season and featuring a roster and coaching staff completely renovated from the dark days of rebuilding.

This is the HYPE TRAIN, a 7-day series focused on giving you 7 reasons to get FUCKING JACKED for this season’s road hopefully leading back to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The years of painful losses, terrible puck luck, and horrible rosters is over. The Coyotes 2.0 may have pre-maturely launched last season, but the team we will be seeing this season is certainly something to behold compared to the talent.

So this season, along with the team, I’m changing my tone with how I watch and write about the Coyotes. I’m going to be optimistic and be excited by both progress and success. I remember writing at the beginning of last season, frustrated with Alex Goligoski’s rough start to his Coyotes’ career. I remember bantering that Tobias Rieder should have been traded for holding out for a contract.

But in order for change to happen, you have to change your tone and frame of mind. On the side of the team, John Chayka has completely refurbished the roster over the course of only a year and a half, and in the process instantly turning this team from a rebuilder to hopeful over the course of a sole summer.

The coverage of this team has to change. It must change. Because this is not the team of 2013. This is not the team of Dave Tippet and this is no longer the team of Don Maloney.

This is a team with electric talent, quality skill and mounds of youth. The sky is the limit for this organization right now. It is in their hands to step back into relevance, but it’s our role as fans to begin seeing this team in a whole new light. And it’s my role as a writer to cover them differently.

Welcome to the HYPE TRAIN.

During this 7-part season primer series, I’ll be sharing with you 7 key things that should hype you the fuck up for this upcoming season. The topics will be varied, but the point just the same: this is a changing team and a team worth being excited for. These pieces won’t be traditional articles, editorials or anything like that. There will be jokes, videos and a theme song to listen to while you get hyped.

You don’t go to a hockey game to be bored. You don’t read about hockey because you have to (unless it’s your job). You read and watch hockey because it’s fun. And the Arizona Coyotes are going to be fun.

So let’s get ABSOLUTELY JACKED about this season together.