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Vlog: Shane Doan’s Career

NHL: Minnesota Wild at Arizona Coyotes
Captain Shane Doan salutes the crowd for the final time at Gila River Arena to conclude the 2016/17 season.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

As you already know, Shane Doan has retired from the National Hockey League. Yesterday, Sarah Hall wrote about his legacy here at Five For Howling. I also worked on a piece about Doan but in video form!

I discussed Doan’s legacy, from his scoring to his awards. I did not mention whether Doan should be a hall of famer. He ranks 14th in all time games played. He didn’t reach the 1000 point mark, but he was awfully close. If only he was surrounded by a better supporting cast.

And that’s what I tried to articulate in my video. If he were to join an NHL club in 17/18, he probably could’ve scored 20 goals, especially given his shot rate in 16/17. When your most frequent linemates are two rookies, you’re either going to have it easy, or you’re trying to adapt. And that’s why we saw Doan’s offensive production dry up. He had to adapt, and generated respectable shot rates for a 40-year-old!

If Doan played in 17/18, he definitely could’ve scored at least 30 points. However, he wanted to stay close to home; Calgary, Edmonton, Dallas, New York, and Nashville was not close enough.

Congrats to Shane Doan for a great career.