Please take good care of both Step and Raanta

Hi!!I hope people won't find my name too annoying or offending. Ex Yote fan here.I'm trying to revive my howling spirit since you've just got two great players.

Let me introduce myself a bit.I was an exchange student back in the 90s and became a hockey fan there thanks to the Coyotes. I was surprised to find out a few years ago that Doan was still there and had been a captain. I've read a story about his departure and am sorry to hear that. I've met Doan at the fan fest when he was just 20 or so, got an autograph(I lost it later tho)and was pretty impressed by his humbleness.I can tell he hasn't changed since much. They had Tkachuck and Roenick at that time, but I got to like Dallas Drake most for whatever reason. I could see that he was really passionate and I remember him shouting "Wake Uuuuup!!" during the game. Nice to know he also became the captain and won a cup although not with the Yotes.

I haven't really followed Yotes for a while, but since you guys got Step now, I've got my own reason to be poud of my Coyotes jersey now. I really don't want to go into details, but Step got a lot of hate when the team as a whole was struggling a bit, and then, since he was having certain difficulties getting out of his own slump, he even had to go on a blocking twitter account spree since he was getting no help from those fans. But I want to assure you, once you get to know him, you can tell clearly he's got nothing to do with those hates. He's got such an adorable and charming personality that he even had his own show calld 'Stepan behind the mic' as an official Rangers interview. I'm sure you get to have fun with him and hope he has a lot of enjoyable moments with you guys. So please be supportive if he's having difficulties and be patient, just like with any other players. Before this whole nonesense happend, more people was prasing than cursing him. His notable strengths are his so−called high hocky IQ and vision, his two−way hockey. I honesly believe he's got a lot left in his career and can provide a good leadership. Please take great care of him. Since the GM also sort of dissed him, I had to tell you those in an effort to lead you guys to the truth:)I really hope the new enviroment helps him. I hope getting away from the media and fans craze will work for him, too. And yes, the weather, baby!! I persobally don't miss the scorching sun, but certainly enjoyed the great nature and the Western culture there.

As for Raanta, I'm not worried at all. He's also loveable and isn't shy about expressing his love openly. He's really excited to be here and he's no lying. But I'm a bit worryied about Step.He won't show it, but it may take some time to be his usual self.

Please welcome those two with big hugs.I wish you guys every success. You guys deserve the Cup also and please be nice to me if you find me at your community since the Yotes became my 2nd favorite. I plan on watching your games, too.

Thank you and I love you all!! Let's be a happy, loving hockey fan together:)

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