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Andrew Barroway sole owner of Arizona Coyotes

It’s (mostly) official, the Coyotes are owned solely by Andrew Barroway now.

NHL: NHL Draft Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Craig Morgan of has confirmed that Andrew Barroway has bought out IceArizona’s minority owners: co-owner and alternate governor George Gosbee, co-owner, alternate governor and president of hockey operations Gary Drummond, president and CEO Anthony LeBlanc, co-owners David Duckett, Bill Dutton, Craig Stewart, Scott Saxberg, Robert Gwin, Daryl Jones, and others.

Barroway is now the sole owner of the Arizona Coyotes, which leads to more questions than answers in the mean time.

Andrew Barroway came to the Coyotes in October of 2014 as IceArizona was looking for another partner to help clear up financial issues from the purchase of the team. Recently, it seemed like tension was high between Barroway and members of the minority owners.

What does this mean for the Coyotes?

We don’t know as of yet. With the departure of Gary Drummond as President of Hockey Operations, there could be a shift in the front office altogether.

Please stay tuned for more information as this is a developing story.