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Expansion Draft Roundtable: Who do you think the Coyotes will expose?

Time for everyone’s favorite posts: roundtables! This week we’re looking at the Expansion Draft.

Minnesota Wild v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It’s time to take a look at the Expansion Draft, and how it's going to affect the Coyotes. Today, we’re looking at who the team should expose.

Who do you think the Coyotes will expose?

Sarah Hall, Managing Editor

Forward Wise, they should be exposing the likes of Peter Holland and Jamie McGinn, Defensively I think it will be Luke Schenn or Kevin Connauton.

Jason Byun, Copy Editor

For forwards, the Coyotes only have three forwards under contract for 2017-2018 right now (Brad Richardson, Tobias Rieder, and Jamie McGinn), and the team has to expose two of them. The Coyotes are already short on bodies to expose, but Rieder and Richardson are probably players the team would protect. If the team can’t re-sign or acquire an extra forward to expose, the team will have to risk exposing one of the two. Right now, it’s probably McGinn and Richardson. On defense, I would expose Luke Schenn over Kevin Connauton.

Temsey, Contributor of many kinds

Of all the teams in the NHL, the Coyotes might actually have to take on contracts from other teams or sign some dud players to expose enough heads. To me, if the draft happened today without any moves, I’d expose Luke Schenn and Jamie McGinn among other less knowns. Both of their signings last offseason seemed like expansion bait, so it only seems right that those two contracts are left out there.

Brandon Sparks, Copy Editor

As Jason said above, the Coyotes are in a bit of a bind, currently having to expose two of Richardson, Rieder, and McGinn. The latter of which I expect to be left unprotected, and I think we’ll see a workaround to help protect the former two. To me, that will come in resigning Jooris, who meets the minimum 40-games played requirement, was a good depth forward for us, but likely won’t be a guy Vegas covets, unless they’re looking for a good 13th forward and watched a heck of a lot of Coyotes games. On the back end, Connauton, as I’m guessing Chayka opts for the 8 skaters protected option and protects OEL, Goligoski, Murphy, and Schenn.

Jessica Meyer, Social Media Manager

Like Alex said, the Coyotes might have to take on some players before they can expose any. If we’re choosing out of the group they currently have available to expose, for forwards I’d choose McGinn and Richardson and for defenseman, I think it would be Schenn and Connauton. If we re-sign Holland and signed some others, I’d choose Holland and then keep McGinn and give him a second chance. He’s a good player with lots of skill that just couldn’t find his footing.

Rose, Contributor and Expert Researcher

The Coyotes are in a great position for the Expansion Draft with most of their high-end prospects being exempt. They have extra space to bring in players via trade that other teams don’t want to lose for free and still protect all the players they want to protect. Even if a viable trade doesn’t materialize, they can also choose to extend deals to Alex Burmistrov or Josh Jooris for exposure. It’s unlikely that they would re-sign Holland just to expose him because that would mean losing a pick to Toronto. If they don’t make any moves at all, they are likely to expose Richardson and McGinn for forwards and Connauton and/or Schenn on defense.

Taylor Clark, Contributor

I say expose McGinn for sure. If they could sign a forward like Burmistrov to expose him over Richardson I think that’s smart. If we lose Burmistrov in the expansion draft, which I feel like would be unlikely, it wouldn’t be as bad as losing Richardson in my opinion. On the back end, expose Schenn, who hasn’t been nearly as good as the defense needs and Connauton, who basically spent the entire year as the designated injury replacement.

Carl Pavlock, Contributor

I definitely think that the Coyotes will be signing a few players to expose, but of the current players, I think McGinn is definitely a for sure exposure choice. I think Richardson may be exposed since the plan is that Strome has a chance to make the jump next year at some point. Richardson had really good chemistry with Doan, however, my thinking is that Doan doesn’t re-sign this offseason so I think there is less of a reason to keep Richardson. Also, if I’m the Coyotes, I think Vegas may not make a take a chance on Richardson. He missed most of last season with a bad injury and has never had stellar numbers as a player.

Roundtable Verdict?

Anyone not stapled down, really. Schenn, McGinn, Connauton and an option of Jooris or Holland seem to the be most useful answers.


Who do you think the Coyotes should expose?