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Player Grades 2017: The Unfortunate & Confusing Tale of Josh Jooris

The center & right wing just got lost in a bad Coyotes season

NHL: Arizona Coyotes at Calgary Flames Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

There’s only one way to say it, Josh Jooris had a tough season, right from the start.

Jooris came to Arizona by way of the New York Rangers, who placed him on waivers on December 10th after only 12 games with the club. In those 12 games, Jooris registered just 1 G, 1 A, and a +1 for the Rangers.

One of the Coyotes’ main problems has always been experienced depth at center, and Arizona picked up Jooris in hopes that he could fill some of the hole in that depth while adding some depth on right wing as well.

But, did Josh Jooris deliver?

Jooris was an undrafted college free agent when he was signed by his first club, the Calgary Flames, in 2013 right out of development camp. He was never a huge goal scorer, only 152 points in 399 games during his Union College and Flames seasons, but was known as a shut-down, faceoff-winning center that can also play right wing, which he did for most of his time in Calgary.

In the 42 games Josh Jooris played with the Coyotes this season, he tallied only 10 points (3 G, 7 A). His advanced stats weren’t anything to be impressed with either. He was in the bottom five of the CorsiFor and CorsiAgainst per-60 and in CorsiFor percentage overall, according to In the faceoff circle, Jooris ranked in the top 13 of the team with a 48% faceoff percentage. Not bad, but also not great.

For most of the season, Jooris and (once he came back from injury) Peter Holland took turns spending time in the press box, playing on the third or fourth line when they were on the ice.

While his faceoffs were an upside, Josh Jooris didn’t impress or help offensively or defensively this past season.

Maybe it was a fluke, maybe it was due to adjusting to a new team with a different style of play, but Jooris deserves another chance if there’s one to give. While his point total wasn’t stellar or his advanced numbers, Jooris’ points-per-game average was actually better in Arizona than his past two years in the NHL.

Given some time to find his place and some teammate chemistry, and to not be scratched every other night, Jooris could find his place as a solid third or fourth line center, or right wing, and a 25 or more points-per-season guy that he was in his rookie year.

Overall Grade: D+

The grades of all the other Coyotes players can be found on our master post here.


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